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Muslim Chose to be ‘Silent’ and ‘Decisive’ in Rajasthan Assembly Election

‘Minority vote bank’ or ‘Soft Hindutva’, this is the dilemma Congress party is facing today in India. In Rajasthan, state PCC chief Sachin Pilot in his close circle meetings have already discussed the idea of dropping a few muslim candidates to get traction of floating Hindu votes. Idea seems practical

Gurjar in merry-go-round of Political Chakravyuh of Rajasthan

The state of Gujarat is named after them. They claim to be more than 40 lakh in total population of 7.5 crore in Rajasthan. They claimed 5 percent reservation along with four other castes Rebari, Raika, Gadiya Lohar and Banjara. They are called Gurjars, traditionally a cattle tending community. Gurjars are

Jat Politics at Crossroads in Rajasthan

Jats in Rajasthan are standing at crossroads ahead of assembly election scheduled later this year. The most politically mature caste group in Rajasthan is finding itself on its wits because community now lacks the charismatic leaderships it had been fortunate to have since independence. The stature and respect commanded by

Jeeman-2018 – Color, Food and Festivities of Rajasthan in London on July1

Nagrecha Hall, 204 Leyton Road, London is the venue and July 1 is the date to book. Music and Masti associated with community celebration in Rajasthan would be recreated in London on July 1. The Rajasthan Association UK has organised “Jeeman-2018” which will have all the taste, music and colors