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Today’s Tithi

Today’s Tithi of Date : 23 – Feb – 2020

AmavasyaFebruary 22, 7:03 pm to February 23, 9:01 pm


Tithi is among the five components of hindu panchang, others being nakshatra, yoga, vara and karana. Tithi is the time obtained by the Moon in raising its distance by 12 levels from the Sun. In simple terms, there is a tithi a lunar day and the Hindu lunar calendar is referred to by also the calendar. Between Krishna paksha (waning phase) pradipada and Shukla paksha (waxing phase) purnima there are 30 tithis, the length of every lunar day may vary though. The whole period of tithi could be anywhere between 21.5 hours to 26 hours.

The traditional Indian Hindu calendar and almost all hindu festivals are based on tithi. According to astrology, the birth tithi of an individual has a lot of influence on character and his/her life. Also, tithi is your basis for identifying auspicious and inauspicious muhurats. Tithi is one element of panchang that ought to never be overlooked.

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