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Ajmer By-Polls: Gurjar Warrior is up against Delhi’s occupying forces

Who will be leading congress in 2018 state assembly election in Rajasthan? This will be decided by Ajmer parliamentary by-polls at the end of this year. Ajmer will be not only an acid test for PCC chief Sachin Pilot but also his last chance to stay in race as face for next Congress CM in Rajasthan. Loss in Dholpur by-polls has somewhat thinned his already diminishing chances.

Sachin Pi lot will face double challenge in Ajmer MP Election as it is his home constituency which he lot by margin of more than 1.6 lakh votes to Sanwar lal Jat. Now BJP would be riding on the sympathy wave for Jat as they are expected to field a family member.

Pilot has a chance to prove that he is a popular leader in Rajasthan and is a winning horse. It would not only a test of capabilities but also a test of nerves as Pilot need to prove his mettle before Rahul Gandhi before the 2018 assembly election. Congress sources say that Rahul Gandhi is keen to field Sachin Pilot for Ajmer by-polls. However, many in Congress believes that party will have brighter changes to return to power under leadership of Ashok Gehlot.

But advisors of Sachin Pilot are preparing him for bigger wars than getting embroiled in lesser battles. They insist that Pilot will be out of race for CM candidate if he loses Ajmer by-polls. That is why a hunt in already on in Ajmer for a suitable candidate to keep Ajmer parliamentary seat warn for Sachin Pilot. Only problem being that in politics seat warming is first step towards encroachment leading to usurping. What Pilot need is a loyalist who has capability of winning Ajmer seat but should not be from his own clan – Gurjar.

Historically, Ajmer has a citadel of Delhi’s occupying forces and it is Pilot’s chance to change course of history in the Merwara land, which was once dominated by Gurjar.

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