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Jaipur hosted Smart City Expo India 2018 at JECC

The 3-day ‘Smart City Expo India 2018’ concluded  at JECC, Sitapura with numerous smart solutions which would pave the way forward for building more livable smart cities. The dignitaries of the State and core committee members were present during the closing ceremony. On the occasion, Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan,  D.B.  Gupta said that the smart city expo was a grand success having witnessed 122 exhibitors and 69 startups. Over the last two days of the event, as many 2600 delegates and 2500 visitors were a part of the mega-smart city event.

He further added that Jaipur has already begun with area-based development projects which fuse heritage with modernity. These include smart parking, signages and markings at Choti & Badi Chaupad area, night market, facade improvement, among others. Developing smart and sustainable civic infrastructure, projects related to assured electricity supply, automatic online water monitoring, CCTV camera, incident alert activation, etc. have also been planned for Jaipur.

Mayor of Jaipur, Mr. Ashok Lahoti said that Rajasthan has been a smart example for developing sustainable cities from ages. The need of the hour is to strengthen the basic infrastructure of the city before we start adopting IT solutions. Jaipur was the only planned city of the world back when sustainable development was an unknown concept. The old havelis and residences of Jaipur with their courtyards reflect smartness and green building concept.

Commissioner, Jaipur Development Authority, Mr. Vaibhav Galriya said that the ‘Smart City Expo’ proved to be an excellent networking platform for visitors and delegates. We need to develop compact spaces which will serve as lighthouses for other cities.

Additional Chief Secretary, UDH & LSG, Mr. Pawan Kumar Goyal said that the lessons we have learned at the Expo can be replicated and implemented in Jaipur. CEO, Quantela, Mr. Sridhar Gadhi said that for the first time ever ‘Smart City Expo’ has introduced Proof of Concept (POC) where companies gave live demonstrations of their products at an exhibition. At the Expo, 31 successful POCs were carried out.

Andrea Urdampilleta of Fira Barcelona said that the Smart City Expo has been a great initiative to discuss ideas which would enable us to build cities which improve the lives of the citizens.

The vote of thanks was delivered by CEO & Director, Jaipur Smart City Ltd. Mr. Suresh Kumar Ola. Also present on the occasion were –Director- Rajasthan, CII, Mr. Nitin Gupta and Vice President, CII- Rajasthan, Mr. Anand Mishra


The morning began with a Keynote Session by Former Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Dr. Joan Clos. The presentation titled ‘Urbanization in the 21st century the New Urban Agenda in India and its Regional Context’ discussed in detail the scope for new urban planning to reinvent the 21st century India by mutually reinforcing urbanization and sustainable development.

Clos said that proper urbanization gives the capacity to generate value. This value generated can be bigger than the cost. In order to increase this value, cities need to be better designed with clear and defined objectives which will help distribute the value generated appropriately. To design a good quality city we need positive perception of the quality of governance of the acting administration.

Speaking about growing ‘urban poverty’ as a result of increasing urbanization, Mr. Clos said that in the last century urbanization has increased from 20%-50%. This figure will further grow to 75% in the coming 20 years. Urban poverty poses a new kind of problem with distinct regard to lack of affordable housing, increased cost of urban services and growth of informal settlements. These challenges can be combated by facilitating equitable and sustainable development.

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