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Indian Armed Forces objects to use of ‘Captain’ by a former pilot of commercial airline in Ooty

New Delhi – Station Headquarter of Indian Armed Forces at Wellington has written to Superintendent of Police (SP) of Ooty to investigate and take appropriate action against a person using prefix ‘Captain’ without authorization.

The letter written to SP of Ooty on September 13, 2021 states that station headquarter at wellington had come to know that one person named Preetham Philip, President and Director of the Ooty Club, has been misrepresenting himself as a ‘captain’ in all his communications.

The letter says that a thorough check done by authorities have found that Preetham Philip had never been a part of the Indian Armed Forces. The station headquarter even had written to secretary of Ooty Club on August 20, 2021 to give chance to rectify but no avail. The letter reads that secretary of the Ooty club Ommen Abraham refused to comply and defended Preetham Philip.

As per the article 18 (1) of the Indian constitution which states that title in front of name cannot be used by anyone except by personnel belonging to the military or civilian who have been accorded an academic distinction. Rules also clearly state that no member of commercial airlines or merchant navy their so called position in the public domain to mistake the same for military rank.

Letter from station headquarter mentioned many of the complaints received from army veterans regarding impersonation of military rank by Preetham Philip of Ooty Club and seek action after investigation by police into the matter.   

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