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Indian Railways moot theme based tourism through coach leasing

New Delhi – To tap the potential of tourism sector and to leverage the core strengths of the professionals of tourism sector in tourism activities like marketing, hospitality, integration of services, reach with customer base, expertise in development and identification of tourist circuits etc Indian Railways is planning to spread Rail based tourism among masses through leasing of coaching stock to interested parties to run them as theme based cultural, religious and other Tourist Circuit train.

Broad features of the Proposed Model includes –

Leasing of coaches for theme based parties. Bare shells may also be taken on lease. Outright purchase of coaches can also be done.

Minor refurbishment of coaches is permitted.

Leasing of coach to be done for a minimum period of 5 years and extendable till life of coaches.

Minimum train composition for leasing purpose as per policy guidelines.

Interested party to develop and decide business model (routes, itinerary, tariff etc).

Simple registration process for interested parties will be rolled out based on eligibility criteria.

Indian Railways will levy haulage charges, nominal stabling charges and lease charges. (No lease charges for outright purchase).

Other main Features of the scheme includes –

Priority in punctuality.

Timely approvals for coach refurbishment and itineraries.

No haulage for maintenance runs.

Third party advertising allowed inside train, Branding of train permitted.

An Executive Director level committee has been constituted by Ministry of Railways to formulate the policy and terms and conditions.

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