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Jaipur Foot Signs MoU with Senegal

The makers of the world famous Jaipur Foot signed an MoU with the Senegal government’s public sector organisation Centre Natioonal D’Appareillage Orthopidique (CNAO), the National Orthopedic Center for Artificial Limbs, Ministry of health and social welfare for holding an artificial limb camp in Senegal in December this year. In this camp 500 handicapped persons will be provided artificial limbs.

The Mo U to this effect was signed by Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) and CNAO on Thursday here.

The MoU was signed by the BMVSS chief patron D.R,Mehta, CNA’s Director Dr Bineta Diabel Ba Mbacke and the founder president of the Mauritius based Global Rainbow Foundation Armoogam Parshuraman in the presence of the secretaries of the BMVSS Dr Deependra Mehta and Bhupendra Mehta.

GRF is a charitable organisation in Mauritius and has set up Bhagwan Mahaveer Indradhanush Artificial Limb center in Mauritius and is helping both BMVSS and CNAO to hold a camp for rehabilitation of the handicapped in Senegal, The camp in Senegal will be organised with the association of CNAO in Senegal in the month of December this year. Apart from providing Jaipur Foot the BMVSS will also help in the rehabilitation of the polio affected persons.

The CNAO is an organisation run by the Senegal’s ministry of health and social welfare that runs an artificial limb fitment center at Dakar, the Capital of Senegal . The CNAO now will adopt the Jaipur Foot technology for the rehabilitation of disabled as part of the community engagement service.
“We have opted for the Jaipur Foot technology which is a proven technology and its a prosthetic high in technology and low in cost.The Jaipur Foot has been fitted to over 1.5 million handicapped in both India and in 27 countries abroad and is known world over for its unmatched quality”said Dr Bineta Diabel Ba Mbacke,director of CNAO.

The CNAO will provide artificial limbs free of cost and GRF will provide all the help for holding the camp in Senegal. The BMVSS would provide necessary components and materials at the cost price and would also provide equipment and manpower.

The BMVSS in the second stage will help the CNAO in setting up a permanent Jaipur Foot center in Senegal and tarin its technicians for making Jaipur Foot.It would provide this facility free and as a goodwill gesture will also provide 100 foot pieces free to start the centre at Senegal..BMVSS will transfer the Jaipur Foot and calliper technology free of cost for the CNAO centre.

The founder and the chief patron of BMVSS D R Mehta said that four years ago the BMVSS organised a Jaipur Foot camp in Dakar ,the Capital of Senegal and in this camp 607 persons were rehabilitated.

He said the Jaipur Foot has its presence in 27 countries and has rehabilitated over 25,000 persons so far in these countries. He said the BMVSS has become the largest organisation for the rehabilitation of the handicapped in the world.

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