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Maggu Met Pappu: It’s Advantage BJP in Rajasthan

रिड़मल थापियां तिकै राजा।।

Decedents of Jodha became kings in Marwar but not without approval of decedents of Ranmal. This is an unwritten code of Rathore clan that one who is supported by the nobles, only – becomes the King. The Rathore clan of Malani stands divided today as they were when they had to choose the King after establishing their fiefdom in midst of sand dunes in late twelfth century. At that time, coming from east, they tried to usurp the established kingdom of Mewar which was saved by valiant Chunda who killed Ranmal – the most influential Rathore of those times.

जोधा रणमल मारियां, भाग सकै तो भाग।।

Manvendra Singh son of Jaswant Singh, one of the founder members of BJP, today surrendered his loyalty to Rahul Gandhi at Tuqhlaq Lane.  Sachin Pilot was excited about his entry while the response of Ashok Gehlot was more guarded. Pilot attacked Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, whose successor he is trying to become, while Gehlot recalled the ‘injustice’ meted out of Jaswant Singh, a PM material of BJP.

The big question is that who will be benefited by Maggu going to Pappu?


Manvendra Singh could have stayed in BJP to subsist in obscure corner biding for the right time to strike. But he chose to go out of BJP. Few Rajput leaders wanted him to stay out of BJP but away from Congress. This could have severally hit the prospects of BJP in Marwar.  However, Manvendra Singh chose easy route of going to Congress and bargaining few seats for wife, brother and a ‘royal’ minnow to keep politics of Barmer-Jaisalmer glued to himself.

Whether the nobles of Ranmal clan will support him? Fact of the matter is that those who were supporting Manvendra Singh up to Pachpadra rally were mostly those people who were more against Vasundhara Raje than they were with Manvendra Singh. Thus, Manvendra Singh repeated the same story which bought a ‘Dharam-Sankat’ for Meenas in east Rajasthan when Kirori Lal Meena left BJP to join NPP. Meena, traditionally Congress voters, had to support Kirori Meena for the sake of pride of clan but they were relieved once Kirori Meena joined BJP again. Though whether Meena will vote for Congress to make a Gurjar Chief Minister is a different story altogether.

Rajputs in Marwar are bit relieved today as Manvendra Singh has joined Congress. If he would have become ‘stand alone’ power than clan members would have no option but to support him.  With Manvendra Singh going into congress, Rajput voters will now have to decide whether they want to shift en masse and ponder over that what they will get in return. On the other hand, Jats are just smiling and waiting for the right time. However, Jats in Baytoo are a worried lot as they would have to choose between mellow mannered Harish Chaudhary, flamboyant Sona Ram and punter like Kailash Chaudhary.

Importantly, Mavendra Singh joining congress will reduce burden on shoulders of Hanuman Beniwal, who was trying his best to capture Jat votes going Congress’s way.

If sources are to be believed, Manvendra Singh has demanded Pachpadra assembly seat for his younger brother Bhupendra – whom Ranmal clan abhor due to his ‘marriage’ issue; Pokran seat for his wife Chitra Singh of Bhaisroadgarh and Jaisalmer seat for Raseshwari Devi, daughter of Rana family of Nepal– rumours about her troubled marriage with Brijraj Singh of Jaisalmer are folklores in Jaisalmer. Manvendra Singh is eyeing Barmer-Jaisalmer Lok Sabha seat for himself on Congress ticket.

Demand of Pokran for Chitra Singh is going to upset the Gazi Fakir clan as his son Saleh Mohammad was expected to be Congress candidate. Both, family of Jaswant Singh and Gazi Fakir have close relation with shrine of Peer Pagaro across the border in Pakistan. They have been in good terms and were living side by side, politically benefitting each other. Buzz in the desert is that Saleh Mohammad may shift to Phalodi. Phalavardhika is ancient name of Phalodi but it may not prove to be fruitful for Saleh Mohammad against formidable Bishnoi – Pabba Ram.

The plan of Maggu-Pappu combine seems formidable on paper and may upset many established names in Marwar ranging from Harish Chaudhary, Saleh Mohammad, Roopa Ram, Sunita Bhati to Vijay Laxmi Bishnoi in Congress while Priyanka Chandhary, Amra Ram, Chotu Singh and Tarun Rai Kaga will be affected by the new development.

Moreover, it seems Pappu has bitten too much for he can chew till 2019. And, it is very much possible that Sachin Pilot’s aim of sending Vasundhara Raje to London may turn out to be – Maggu getting no-return ticket to Dubai.





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