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Mewar the new ‘laboratory’ of communal politics

Mewar has been a place of reverence for India for its tales of valor and sacrifice from Rana Sanga to Maharana Pratap. Till the rise of Hindutva in the country, Maharana of Mewar used to head the Vishva Hindu Parishad also as descendents of Mewar family were regarded as ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’ for their unflinching attitude against the muslim invaders.

In the initial days of ‘Hindutva experiment’ by right wing RSS and Jan-Sangha, the area has been a hot bed of activities against Christianity. organisations like Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad has given many stalwart BJP leaders which include incumbent home minister of Rajasthan – Gulab Chand Kataria.

But, Mewar is off late turning into a ‘Hindutva Lab’ of different kind. Bhilwara always remains on tinder box while Udaipur and now Rajsamand is feeling jitters of communal flames every now and then. All three cities are known for their industrial hubs and most of the urban population consists of Bania, Brahmin and Jain – BJP’s core vote bank after it became a ‘Hindu Party’.

The gruesome episode of killing of Md Afrazul Sheikh in Rajasamand was the beginning of rise of ugly face of communal flare up in Mewar. On December 9, Muslim organisations took out a rally from Hathi Pole to Chetak Circle in Udaipur and shouted slogans –

‘hindutan me rahna hoga, to allah hu akbar kahna hoga’, ‘Hindustan ka ek hi raja, mera khawaja, mera khawaja.’

In retaliation, the hindu right wing groups are now demanding action against these muslim organisation. They are also projecting Shambhu raigar the killer of Md Afrazul Sheikh as a hero and icon for the society. Police resorted to lathi charge to control the unruly right wing workers on Thursday. Internet services remain suspending in Udaipur and Rajsamand for last two days and police has also freezed the account of Sita Devi wife of Shambhu Raigar in which financial help have been pouring in from all over the country.

Jaipur police has also detained Updesh Rana a self proclaimed pracharak of Hindu Sanatan Sangah from Uttar Pradesh and Lakhan Singh Panwar State convener of Shiv Sena Hindustan for disturbing communal harmony in the state. Rana was on his way to Rajsamand to meet wife and family of Shambhi Raigar.

Though police is not clarifying that under which rules they have got the account of wife of Shambhu Raigar suspended but the communal situation flaring up in Mewar is a matter of grave concern. But RSS workers are seeing their triumph in the situation while politicians in BJP are smiling as they see it as emotional built up which may benefit them in assembly election slated in 2018.

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