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‘Rookie’ Pilot hoping for a safe landing in desert

Ajmer has been a city of migrants and it is suiting well to another rootless person – Sachin Pilot. The result of Ajmer Lok sabha by-polls seems to have given wings to pilot so wide that he is refusing to land on the ground of realities. Last heard, Sachin Pilot did not acknowledge people gathered at a wedding in Jaipur. He still to be declared a ‘CM-Face’ by congress and has a long way to go.

Immaturity has been a hallmark of working style of Sachin Pilot since he had become the state chief of congress in Rajasthan. Rather, experienced people at congress office have fathomed him after his tenure as PCC chief begun and already started discounting in favor of more affable Ashok Gehlot. Even the high command in Congress is in no mood to given a free run to the ‘rookie pilot’. Rajasthan is important for congress as it has been the crucible for ‘social experiments’ of congress which led to major policy changes such as RTI, NREGS, Right to Education and Direct Benefit of subsidy to poor.

There is no doubt that Ajmer Lok Sabha by polls has been victory for efforts that Sachin Pilot put in during the campaign. But, this is also an open secret that Raghu Sharma has never been in good books of Pilot. What is more important is that ever ambitious Raghu Sharma is now fourth in long line of CM-aspirants in Congress in Rajasthan. Insiders discusses a longer list of seven to ten people aspiring to the CM irrespective of they can win MLA election or not. Surprising, albeit shocking, entries in the coveted list includes that of Gopal Singh Edwa, former MP from Rajsamand, who is considered closest advisor to Sachin Pilot.

However, challenge for Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan is formidable. First, he will have to explain to his own party that why he has not fought election earlier in Nasirabad assembly by-polls and more recently in Ajmer Lok-Sabha by-polls. Factionalism in congress has peaked in his tenure as he has deliberately tried to put his ‘own’ people in hierarchy of party organisation. Sachin Pilot’s exclusionist approach towards the party workers especially from far flung areas and the sub-standard coterie may also become major factors obstructing a safe landing.

It is undeniable fact that congress has won six out of eight by-polls in Rajasthan since 2015. But the verdict has been more against Vasundhara Raje than in favor of congress.

But political equation is simple as Sachin Pilot sees it – Vasundhara Raje as incumbent CM of Rajasthan and he wants to replace her in December 2018.

But question for congress workers and general public in December 2018 is going to be that whether they are ready to replace one ‘elite’ with another ‘Jor-Bagh’ elite without any plausible hope for better future.

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