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Kapoor & Sons is a must watch

With its first trailer out I was pretty sure to slip watching ‘Kapoor & Sons’ but the first day reviews made me think from new perspective and finally thought to give this movie a chance.

As already known it was about family and the bond each member shared with another. I wouldn’t say the movie director planned to create a scene of some dysfunctional family but it was just the collection of events from very normal families that we see around us and some of the events we actually live too.

For Rajat Kapoor, being with his aged father (Rishi Kapoor), facing his daily drama and tantrums, further gripped with his own finances plus his wife scoffs there was so much to handle on daily basis.
For Ratna Pathak it was hard to accept his husband’s affair with Anu besides realizing and coming to the terms that your perfect child is so imperfect (Fawad Khan) and imperfect (Siddharth Malhotra) was actually not so imperfect.

Two brothers shared some happy and down moments but still in front of their parents they discovered that their problems were too petty.

The story was focused on each family member, each one selfish for his/her own interest but always there when someone else needed them. That’s a true bonding. For a change, you get to see real family beyond Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ where everything was so rosy but yes one thing that was similar was the presence of a Dog in a family and here it was – Geeshu : P

The moment Chacha’s family arrived for Bday celebration and the night family spent together singing old songs bonding with each other is what truly happens when you have cousins around. No matter, how many financial tussles are on between siblings but the emotions never die.
Alia as Tia, although was not the immediate part of ‘Kapoor & Son’s’ since 1921 but she was there for Siddharth as a friend as his support. Her bubbly and bouncy character will keep you entertained through out though she herself was dealing with her lows.
Full of love, hatred, and emotions the movie was heartwarming sometimes and was heart breaking the very next moment.

The roller coaster ride that we called life was pretty well depicted in this movie.
A must watch!!!

About Writer – Anisha is a creative writer based in Jaipur.

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