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Brace for the Copy Cat “Ghoomar” in Jaipur

From the nostalgic voice of Allah Jillah Bai singing ‘Ghoomar’ for the royal ladies in Bikaner household, Ghoomar in sweet voice of Seema Mishra to foot tapping tune sung by Ila Arun’s ‘O ghoomiyo’ – Ghoomar has seen many moods, vibes and notes but without losing its original theme and connect with the ‘desi’ heart.  

The Ghoomar tune along with the swirling dance has been representative of spirit of Rajasthan since time immemorial. The hotly contested debate over the dance form during controversy related to film ‘Padmavat’ was ample evidence that how ‘Ghoomar’ is still central to the life of Rajasthan particularly to Rajputs.

Tripti Singh, a Gurgaon based entrepreneur, created an event out of the dance form branding it as “Ghoomar – Twirl with Grace”. The event was successfully organised in Gurgaon and Indore before it came to Rajputana – the land of Ghoomar in Jaipur in 2017.

Old adage is that if they are copying you, business has prospects of growing. Though ‘Ghoomar – Twirl with Grace’ was a social event organised through Dutch system, copy cat events are now starting to crop up in the city perhaps seeing a business opportunity in selling thrill of Ghoomar and swirl of ‘paying’ women in Rajput Posak.

The Jaipur Ghoomar Festival, as the invitation cards reads, is set to be organised on September 20, 2018. The invite for the event reads that ‘The Jaipur Ghoomar Festival’ is in continuity of ‘ghoomar magic created last year’ clearly highjack the ‘Ghoomar- twirl with grace’ event without any propriety whatsoever.

The words ‘we bring to you’ ‘On the popular demand’ read the cards ‘Come join us to celebrate our royal culture and heritage’ gives clear impression of an event which any sundry hotel can organise like a ‘rain dance party’ in summer. The entry fee for the event is Rs2500 for Indian national and for foreign nationals it is pegged at Rs3500.

Such discrimination is clearly against the spirit of Land of “Padharo Mahre Des” – where guests are regarded as lords. Moreover, Ghoomar is a dance which is performed with ‘your own’ and is not just another dance event. Interestingly, when ghoomar used to be performed in the ‘royal’ household, there always used to be ‘Bhandari’ to take care of logistics while ‘Singhs’ used to enjoy. And, all eyes will be on September 20th event to see that whether ‘Bhandari’ swirls or ‘Singhs’ have a last laugh.



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