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Coming Soon in Udaipur – Experience of ‘Domaine De Chantilly’ with Marwari Horses

Consider yourself a Horse Lover and not seen Domaine De Chantilly – the living museum of horse in France, than you are just horsing around. But soon experience of Domaine De Chantilly is coming to you near home, in serene Aravali valleys near Udaipur, with royal Marwari Breed Horses.

Anant Singh Kelwa of Fateh Stud Farm – Kelwa has planned an elaborate arena for pure breed Marwari horses to show their skills in horse events like show-jumping, dressage and tent pegging. The new arena will be the only place to showcase Marwari Horses exclusively in its shows. Fateh Stud Farm has been a trusted name for breeding pure line Marwari Horses in Rajasthan.

“We have planned a daily show of Marwari Horses in Udaipur at Fateh Garh and have started preparation for it. We would be training seven horses initially for the show. The aim is the showcase Marwari Horse breed at national and international level.” Anant Singh Rathore of Fateh Stud Farm said.
Jaidhwaj 2
Rajyavardhan Singh, Nephew of Anant Singh Rathore has been riding Jaidhwaj in various events of dressage and show jumping in Jaipur and Delhi. He has been reasonably successful in these events by winning silver and bronze medals competing against army officers. Beside Jaidhwaj, Mahakal from Maharashtra is only other Marwari breed horse which is participating in show jumping and dressage events in India.

“The event we are planning would be international standards. So the training required for that is also going to be a cumbersome process. I am happy that my nephew Rajyavardhan Singh has now volunteered for the purpose of Marwari Horse and he will be going to Surrey for both study and training.” Anant Singh said.

Rajyavardhan Singh has got admission in Surrey University where he will be coached by an Olympic dressage trainer for next three years. The University of Surrey Equestrian Club offers riding and competition opportunities under watchful eyes of experienced Olympic dressage trainer. Rajyavardhan Singh has been horse team captain in Mayo College.
Jaidhwaj 1
“Marwari Horse can participate and compete with any horse breed in the world except for horse racing as it is a high head horse which obstructs speed. Six year old Jaidhwaj from Kelwa stud is competing in many events and we have also started training for one and half year old Guman. ” said Anant Singh Kelwa.

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