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Jeeman-2018 – Color, Food and Festivities of Rajasthan in London on July1

Nagrecha Hall, 204 Leyton Road, London is the venue and July 1 is the date to book. Music and Masti associated with community celebration in Rajasthan would be recreated in London on July 1. The Rajasthan Association UK has organised “Jeeman-2018” which will have all the taste, music and colors of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan Association UK (TRA-UK) is an organisation founded to bring together the people originating from the fine state of Rajasthan, India, who are now settled in the United Kingdom.

Jeeman is a festival of authentic attire and cultural programs from the desert state which offers rich flavors of the land to be experienced under a roof. “Jeeman” is a major event organised in London to celebrate rich and glorious culture of Rajasthan. Jeeman symbolises coming together of family, friends and society for a traditional Rajasthani meal. People enjoy traditional Rajasthani delicacies like Dal, Baati and Churma.  The Rajputana community will also enjoy the moments with graceful performances on the time-lived traditional dance of ghoomar.  Jeeman is aimed at bringing people together, bolstering community networks and forging ahead in new-found home in the United Kingdom, whilst retaining the strong and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

“Thank you for keeping the rich culture alive in UK as it is slowly being missed in India due to fast pace progress”, said Business men who was visiting UK for some business and was invited to festival.

The UK is a very diverse country, and our association aims to promote its diversity.  Round the year, variety of events are organised by TRA-UK which provide a sterling opportunity to people to share and explore their rich culture and heritage. It organise Gangaur, Rajasthan Diwas, Indian Independence Day, Holi, Polo match and Jeeman.

First edition of Jeeman in 2016 was attended by 450 members which swelled to 800 in 2017. July 1 event is third edition of Jeeman by The Rajasthan Association – UK. JEEMAN 2018 is going to be much bigger community event and more than 1500 guests are expected to attend. “We are forced to restrict our guest list to 1000 due to the venue restrictions else we were expecting more than 1500 guests.” Said an organiser.

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