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Pacho comes of age; HH Maharaja Padamnabh Singh of Jaipur is no longer a minor

Jaipur princess Diya Kumari’s son Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s 18th birthday was celebrated with traditional rituals and ceremonies at the City Palace in Jaipur today. The celebrations continued throughout the day. These celebrations took place after many decades at the City Palace. A similar celebration had taken place when Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II had attained the age of 18.

A day full of ceremonies – Jaipur’s Maharaja was first welcomed in the morning at the Chandra Mahal where he was received by his personal staff. He then performed ‘Prayashitta Dan’, ‘Chhaya Dan’ and ‘Gau Dan’. Accompanied by his personal staff he then proceeded to Sita Ram Dwara and performed the ‘Hawan’ followed by ‘Bhet’ to the Gurus. Later, he visited the temples of Shri Sita Ramji Bada, Shri Sita Ramji Chhota, Shri Sita Ballabhji, Shri Govind Deoji, Madho Niwas Mataji and Shri Raj Rajeshwar ji for offering ‘Bhet’ and accepting ‘Dupatta Prasad’ from Sants, Mahants and Gurus. Later, he also performed ‘Varsh Poojan’ at Madho Niwas.

During the day at noon, Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh then left Madho Niwas with the members of the personal staff/ADCs with full ‘lawazma’ and proceeded to the Darbar Hall (Sabha Niwas). Here the Darbar Hall was filled to capacity with the former Tazimi Sardars, Jagirdars, Thikanedars and Seths of Jaipur in their traditional attire. Then each of former nobels presented the traditional form of respect by offering ‘Nazar’ to Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh.

Later, the Maharaja left for Pritam Niwas. And at Riddhi Siddhi Pol the ‘aarti’ was performed by his sister Rajkumari Gauravi Kumari and His Highness was welcomed by the Zenana Sardars. He also received salute by the Jairgarh Guard. The Maharaja also received the greetings of the people from the different walks of the life of the Pink City.

Later in the evening, Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh went to seek blessings of the Kuldevi of the Kachhawas, Jamwai Mata temple at Ramgarh.

The Maharaja studied at Mayo College and is now completing his higher studies in England.

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