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Ritualistic Pithora art of Jaishree Mahapatra enthral Jaipur

Jaipur- An online free workshop for India’s artist community ‘The Circle’ was organized today by Bangalore based artist named Jayashree Mahapatra. The workshop was organized by the Rajasthan Studio under the ‘Celebrating India at 75’ an Indian Government initiative that celebrates the glorious years of India’s freedom.

Jayashree Mahapatra not only taught the art form at the workshop but also explained its technicalities to budding artists. She explained how it is named after their God – Baba Pithora. Pithora is a ritualistic art form that belongs to the nomad tribe named ‘Rathva’ which lives in Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. She further explained that the tribal request the priest to pray to God on behalf of them and take a vow to get a Pithora painting done in the main room of their houses.

Pithora art form is divided into 3 layers, the top layer consisting of the sun and moon motifs, the middle layer consisting of portraits of animals, birds, Gods and Goddesses and the bottom layer depicting the daily lives of the Rathva tribe. Overall Pithora paintings can be 11 feet tall and 8 feet wide with 165 motifs symbolizing the universe and everybody living in harmony. The speciality of this art form is that it is always painted on a white background and highlighted using detailed white dots.

Jayashree Mahapatra painted an elephant which is a famous motif of Pithora on a plain white wooden coaster by making the use of the primary and secondary colour scheme. Pithora paintings are also used for home décor, cloth designs, among others.

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