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After Beef row, Mewar University is back to normal

Normalcy returned to Mewar University after the recent untoward incidents that took place in the University right after the conduction of Tech Fest, 2016.

The University had been engulfed in recent spate of violence that took place due to the false rumors that were spread by the outsider elements, but the Students displayed immense maturity in the face of adversity and the police took swift action and controlled the situation which could have been blown out of proportion had it not been controlled timely.

Due to the immense hard work of the Administration and management of the University in the recent past, the university has become a reputed name and has established itself at national and international level through the fruits of the hardwork of the students and management of the university. It is noteworthy that there are students from as many as 22 states of India currently studying in the university, thus giving students of the university exposure to dynamism and diversity.

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As a result, not only the town of Gangrar, but also the district of Chittorgarh has got a new identity, the students coming from other states and districts have brought about with them a new flavor to the District and have also boosted the economy of the District.

Students from all over India, Including inter-alia Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Nagaland are currently enrolled in the University. The Management of the University gives utmost importance to providing care, support and protection to the students of the University and the university believes in imparting education with culture, good values and social activities, the university encourages amongst its students positive and thoughtful ideas which can benefit the society and trains the students for it.


Problems arise when some anti-social/disruptive elements from the outside in an unauthorized manner try and disturb the peace, tranquility and the sensible and educational environment of the university by misleading the students in this temple of learning. Expressing the above sentiments, the Hon’ble Chancellor of the University Ashok Gadiya, requested the residents of the town and all social organizations to kindly cooperate so that the University can function efficiently and continue imparting the most important function i.e. education and that environs of peace, tranquility and brotherhood may thus be restored and continued.

He further thanked the Town and District Administration and the Police Department for swift action and support in such an untoward situation where false rumors cause unwanted burden on the Administration and the Police Department and disturb the peace of the entire region.

He also praised the Media for understanding the gravity of the situation and reporting responsibly and upholding their function of the fourth pillar of this great democracy.

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