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Rajasthan Govt employees can withdraw GPF money online

Jaipur – In a big relief to the state government employees, the State Insurance and Provident Fund Department has eased the provisions to withdraw money from GPF.

The employees can now apply online for withdrawal of money from GPF, which will be transferred directly into their bank accounts. Under the eased provisions, the employees can withdraw GPF money, within approved limits, based on the years of service, without waiting for any approval.

In case an employee needs to withdraw more money from GPF, the existing provisions have been retained and the employee can apply for withdrawal as per the prescribed procedure. However, the new facility has been added apart from the existing procedure.

Joint Secretary (Insurance) Ved Prakash Gupta said that under the existing procedure to withdraw money from GPF, an employee has to state the reasons for withdrawal of money, attach supporting documents, and later submit the application to the concerned withdrawal and disbursing officer for approval.

The withdrawal and disbursing officer then forwards the application form to the concerned District Office of the State Insurance and Provident Fund Department. The department then approves the application if the amount from GPF to be withdrawn is well within the permissible limits and submits the bill to the Treasury Office, following which the amount is electronically transferred to the employee’s bank account. The present procedure is time-consuming and most of the times the employee fails to get the required amount on time.

Gupta said the State Government had announced in its Budget 2020-21 that the payment processes and approval of work procedures under various schemes of different departments will be simplified and made online. As part of this, provisions like ‘Deemed’ and ‘Auto Approval’ were to be introduced after eliminating the lengthy documentation processes. 

In pursuance of the Budget announcement, a new procedure for GPF withdrawal has been developed, under which steps like stating reasons for withdrawal, forwarding the application form through withdrawal and disbursing officer, issuing approval for payment order (float) and submitting bills to the treasury office have been eliminated. Instead, the approved amount will now be directly transferred to the employee’s bank account.

In order to test the newly developed system, a pilot project has been initiated in the Secretariat from August 26.

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