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Rajputs in Rajasthan up in arms against Ashok Chandana over ‘Jaichand’ remark

Jaipur – Proving loyalty to Ashok Gehlot and try earning some brownie points has landed Rajasthan sports minister Ashok Chandana out of frying pan into the fire. Rajasthan sports and youth affairs minister Ashok Chandana had said on Tuesday that he did not have any complaints from BJP but some of his own party members have become ‘Jaichand’. He was attacking Sachin Pilot faction for their alleged sabotage of Jaipur Jila Parishad election on Monday.

But reference to 11th century king of Kannauj – Jaichand as a traitor or saboteur has not gone down well with Rajput community in Rajasthan. Shri Shastra Purusharth Foundation has written a letter to sports minister Ashok Chandana saying that using name of King Jaichand as a conspirator and saboteur is not acceptable to Rajput community. The letter says that comments by Chandana using ‘Jaichand’ as epithet are highly objectionable.

The letter says that extensive research on Jaichand, Mohamad Gauri and Prithiviraj Chaudhan has not highlights any of his action as conspirator or saboteur. “In such condition, the comments made by you on Jaichand are highly objectionable.” the letter said.

The Rajput organizations in Rajasthan are now demanding an apology from sports minister Ashok Chandana over his ‘Jaichand’ comment. The Shastra Foundation has also mentioned 21 books for reference of Ashok Chandana to enlighten himself on history of Jaichand.

The books referred in the letter ranges from Indian Antiquity to History of Garhwal Dynasty by Dr Roma Niyogi to History of India by JC Powell-Price.

Ashok Chandana belongs to Gurjar community who themselves are putting a claim on Prithviraj Chauhan. A section of Gurjars claims that Prithiviraj was not a Rajput but belonged to Gurjar community.

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