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Sachin Pilot : Chasing a mirage in Thar Desert

Born on September 7, 1977, Sachin Pilot is one of the saleable sound-bite from congress for daily sops like news dramas along with Scindia scion Jyotiraditya, if prime time television is not chasing Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal.

Sauvé, sophisticated, well mannered- at least publicly, Sachin Pilot hails from Vaidpura village in Gaziabad district, near Noida, in Uttar Pradesh and was born in Saharanpur. He is married to Sarah, granddaughter of legendry Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdulla and has two sons – Aaran and Vehaan.

Sachin Pilot is an ‘Outsider’ in Rajasthan except for that his father Rajesh Pilot was one of parachuters in the lines of Balram Jakhar, Buta Singh, Bangaru Laxman etc, who tried to colonized local politics in search of a safe seat. Rajesh Pilot won Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat in 1980 and went on to win Gurjar dominated Dausa seat for five times after 1984.

Troubled Legacy: A burden for Sachin Pilot


Rajesh Pilot died in a tragic death on June 11, 2000 when the car he was driving back to Jaipur airport turned turtled near Dausa. Rajesh Pilot was active player in drama that unfolded in the congress after Chandrashekhar government fell. Sharad Panwar, PA Sangma and Tarik Anwar left the party to form NCP opposing Sonia Gandhi on her foreign origin issue; while cruel destiny snatched Rajesh Pilot away. Pilot had fought AICC election against Sitaram Kesri and had also reportedly declared to fight against Sonia Gandhi, if she chose to jump in politics as party president. Rama Pilot, his mother kept the Dausa seat warm till become became 25 and fought his first election in 2004 winning by around 70000 votes.

But the big question is that whether Gandhi family has forgotten the role played by Rajesh Pilot for glory- which remained unachieved, or they are just being patiently watching?

But before politics, Rajesh Pilot’s name surfaces in one of blackest episode in Indian history, the only instance when Indian Air Force carried out strike in its own civilian territory. Wikipedia clearly mentions that on March 6, 1966 Indian Air Force jets bombed Aizwal in Mizoram and locals claims that Rajesh Pilot and Suresh Kalmadi were the pilots of these jets. Both the former IAF pilots went on to become successful politicians of congress party. It was also the time when Indira Gandhi after taking over in 1965 was looking for loyalties to take on the ‘Syndicate’. Annals of Indian political history has recorded that ‘Babes in the woods’ went on to become ‘Durga’ of Indian politics.

Though, uninformed political workers and youth no longer ask for facts out Aizwal bombing from Sachin Pilot but it may be his moral responsibility to come out with facts on the episode. As, in lack of proper knowledge, one may conclude that Pilots have based their politics on blood of poor tribal people of Mizoram.

Sachin Pilot – In Desert, without roots

Life was smooth for Sachin Pilot as MP from Ajmer and Union minister for Corporate Affairs until he was thrown into frying pan of Rajasthan politics as state chief in January 2014. Call it a modified version of old ‘Kamraj Plan’ of congress or an urge to rejuvenate its youth connection but Rajasthan sojourn is proving to be a test of nerves for Pilot. It is a flight which can easily run into technical snags and a crash. Problem with Sachin Pilot is that he is not been able to get jelled easily in melee of congress politics in Rajasthan.


Gurjar, the caste of Sachin Pilot, has been a traditional BJP voter while Meena community had supported Congress in eastern Rajasthan since independence. Bigger dilemma is that most of the gurjar dominated seats also has a sizable chunk of ‘Mali’ voters who sways their support according to wishes of his bête-noire Ashok Gehlot. Thus Sachin Pilot cannot guarantee win in all Gurjar seats to Congress while Gehlot, if left behind, can affect the result of all Gurjar dominated seats adversely.

With Ashok Gehlot giving him a tough competition in both whirlwind tours across Rajasthan, at 10 Janpath and 24 Akbar Road. It is not that Pilot is not aware of his inherent weaknesses of his ‘non-existing’ political base and innate strength of his opponents like Ashok Gehlot.

But only option for Sachin Pilot is ‘To Fight On’ even when his flight is indicating low on fuel warning, and at the cost of “precious” time – he could have better used with his women journalist friends in Delhi discussing poverty and Indian Politics.

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