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Sachin Pilot is in love, but not with Rajasthan

They say that taking off and landing is the most difficult challenges a ‘Pilot’ faces during a flight. But one ‘Pilot’ in Rajasthan is more interested in hovering around than landing firmly. Cupid struck young leader was given reins of Congress in Rajasthan when spirit of grass root workers were sagging and Modi wave was demolishing all and sundry. At least, Rahul Gandhi was able to barge over the difficult times by projecting young leadership. But questions are now being asked albeit loudly that whether ‘Baba-log of Congress’ are material enough?

Rajasthan has been crucible of experiments of Congress in last three decades. Many of the flagship schemes were tested in mild political environment in the Thar Desert before they were floated across. It is one of the reasons, why Rajasthan is particularly close to the heart of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. All of the social experiments were done in Rajasthan during the regime of Ashok Gehlot, one of the few congressmen whose loyalty is unquestioned to both, congress and Gandhi family. But, Sachin Pilot treats Gehlot with a visible contempt, however, his more experienced bête-noire has chose to ignore with prudence.

Question for Congress is that, is Sachin Pilot material enough to be a bet in 2018 followed by the grand test of survival for congress in 2019?

Today, PCC, youth congress and women congress wing in Rajasthan is held by Gurjars. This is definitely not a perfect caste-balancing on part of congress. What sources confirm to NBI is that Sachin Pilot is in love; but not with Rajasthan. Congressmen say that Sachin Pilot is a good face for media marketing but his uses just ends there. Moreover, with such networking abilities among journalists, particularly the gorgeous ones, Pilot can be an asset for congress in Delhi.

Fact of the matter is that strategy of Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan has been more against Gehlot than the Vasundhara Raje led BJP. Pilot has never directly attacked Raje whose perception among masses of being corrupt could have been used by Congress as vantage point. Bonhomie between Raje and Pilot only has one common streak; that both share same elite circles of Leutyen’s Delhi. Flamboyant Raje has openly stated many times that she do not consider Pilot as her competitor.

Moreover, Sachin Pilot has not led from front in Rajasthan. He chose not to fight BJP in by election where Congress won three out of four seats in 2014. Former scion of Bharatpur Royal family Vishvendra Singh was another example in same episode who made the by election in Weir as matter of pride for himself and wrested the seat for the octogenarian dalit candidate Bhajan lal. With Ajmer parliamentary seat falling vacant this August after death of Sanwar Lal Jat, there is another opportunity for Sachin Pilot to prove his mettle. But Pilot seems to be more interested in hovering around over Leutyen’s Delhi and elite circle instead of putting a tough fight for BJP in Ajmer by election.

The ‘Ran-chor’ approach of Pilot – a gurjar is not benefiting either himself or the congress. It seems Sachin Pilot is in love but not for sure with Rajasthan. With whom, is a question of his personal sphere; but he will definitely have to those between the Cupid and the Karma.

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