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Swinging Political Pendulum of Rajasthan is going Ashok Gehlot’s way

Political fortunes fluctuates during election times, some time so vigorously that careers are made or destroyed. Rajasthan is one political fight before the crucial general election in 2019 that both Congress and BJP want to win. However, fights are going on within more than its with each other.   

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Vasundhara Raje led BJP government is facing huge anti incumbency factor. The influence of public anger is so much that many seats which BJP lists are ‘A’ grade are being said to be in doldrums. Vasundhara Raje had laid out her plan for election but she could not get a blanket approval for her plan from Amit Shah. Some changes, here and there, would disturb the whole equation on which Raje’s plank was based on. But players are many more in BJP camp – mighty Om Mathur, organisational secretary Chandrashekhar, Murlidhar Rao, V Satish, Arjun Meghwal and Gajendra Singh are other major faces along with a whole bunch of camp followers of Amit Shah who are camping in Jaipur and other areas giving all kinds of feedbacks and juggling jugads of various possible solutions.

End result is, that BJP even after gaining in the run up to the ticket distribution has now stand stagnant, confused and directionless.  The way forward goes downwards though ‘arrogant’ claims are being made by Amit Shah’s cronies in Jaipur of return of BJP in Rajasthan.

The fight within congress has another flavour of its own. The grand old party is considered a loose tent under which all kinds of elements of politics survives and used from time to time by the high command. Though leadership is denying any truth in rumours that all four AICC secretaries in charge for Rajasthan have been unburdened from their responsibilities but message has gone loud and clear in the cadre and masses. Public is looking at the situation in the congress with curious glance while congress workers are blaming PCC Chief Sach in Pilot for not been able to control the situation before it got out of hand.

Sachin Pilot has fought for every ticket in screening committee meeting to an extent to be branded as ‘rude’ by the in charge herself. But he is fighting for his survival and going all out to ensure that his followers get maximum tickets. Pilot has undermined seniority of congress leaders at many places and bypassed them in favour of parachute candidates of his choice in some cases. Seats of Chitorgarh, Nimbahera, Kishangarh and Sikar had become bone of contention between senior leaders discussing tickets in Congress. Besides that, there were allegations coming thick and fast on the issue of Lohawat seat. The poster in the loo about Phalodi was a plant which did not had any substance behind it.

Sources say the bogey of ‘Netagiri’ is buoyed generally by friends in Congress echelon. But barring few journalists going ‘topsy-turvy’ in Delhi press club over him, Sachin Pilot had not won many friends in Delhi. None of the ‘Baba-log’ whom Pilot boasts as friends wants him to be CM except innocuously oblivious Rahul Gandhi. This is in direct contrast of Ashok Gehlot who has friends at every level in congress and all wants that he becomes CM of Rajasthan.  

On the other hand, Ashok Gehlot had met BJP leader Prem Singh Bajor few days ago and discussed few seats in Jhunjhunu with him. Gehlot would be in Jodhpur for three days on the occasion of Diwali but everyone knows that he is a 24 hour politician. Information from ground would come thick and fast and Gehlot is receptive of that especially when it concerns to Marwar. Last time there were only three seats of Congress in Marwar – Sardarpura, Barmer and Sanchore. Ashok Gehlot’s feedback and contribution in selection process is being insisted upon by the senior leaders continuosly.

Without Vasundhara Raje, BJP is not a force to reckon with in Rajasthan. One the other hand, winning horses in Congress are all bolted in stable for Ashok Gehlot. It would be interesting to see Pilot camp after tickets are distributed in Rajasthan. But pendulum of fortune is still swinging and despite all the BJP’s follies it is still not going Congress’s way easily. Perhaps, a Punjab like declaration of CM candidate might help. Meena community, the traditional congress vote bank, is anyways watching congress very closely.

Ab Kiska Kya hoga, dekhenge – Hum Log!!

Diwali baad.


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