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Three Ministers of Modi from Rajasthan can not guarantee re-election in LS

Lack of communication between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has started to show its result in political decisions which has potential to beat the image Narendra Modi of invincible player, black and blue.

After the recent ministerial expansion in Modi government, Rajasthan now has five junior ministers and M Venkaiah Naidu in Cabinet. But Modi may face a tough task in 2019 as three out of four junior ministers in Modi government in Lok Sabha from Rajasthan cannot guarantee their re-election from the same seat or from any seat in Rajasthan.

Loosing ministers may spill muck on the invincible face of Modi who have boasted ‘at least Ten Years of Rule’ when he assumed power after a historic win in 2014 after ending 30 years of coalition era in Indian politics.

It is common knowledge in political circles that Modi and Vasundhara Raje is not eye-to-eye since beginning. Recent Rajya Sabha election proved the last nail into the coffin of trust between Modi and Vasundhara Raje as industrialist Kamal Morarka. He dared to put forward his candidature as independent candidate for Rajya Sabha in an assembly in which four out of five MLAs are from BJP. Sources close to Kamal Morarka were boasting of his confidence after he filed the nomination till BJP went into tizzy and put herded it’s MLAs into a hotel at the outskirt of the capital Jaipur.

Moreover, Vasudhara Raje’s proximity to former IPL Czar Lalit Modi still crop up as a major issue BJP has to skirt while boasting its position against corruption and black money. Lalit Modi, it is said, still holds 16 percent partner in the Raj Mahal Palace Hotel in Dholpur owned by Raje’s son Dushyant Singh, a fourth time BJP MP. Ignoring Dushyant Singh in the cabinet expansion is also an indicator of thaw between PM Modi and Vasundhara Raje as Dushyant Singh is now one of the senior most MP of BJP in Lok Sabha in Rajasthan.

Sources confirm that Dushyant Singh was not even considered for a berth in Modi ministry when question of making a Jat minister cropped up.

Nobody is ruing removal of Nihal Chand but there is strong resentment in Jats against removal of ailing Sanwarmal Jat – particularly in those who have benefited over the years from contracts in water supply department.
Nevertheless, now Rajasthan has five junior ministers in Modi government and M Venkaiah Naidu as cabinet minister. Rajyavardhan Singh, former Olympian and Army man, was seen sitting dejectedly during the swearing in ceremony. Sources close to Rathore was hoping for his promotion into the cabinet; but was let down. He continued to be MoS I&B and will now work under M Venkaiah Naidu.

Rajyavardhan Singh is riding on the Modi wave boasting his proximity to both Modi and Jaitley, but power circles in Delhi confirms that Arun Jaitley was not happy with his Army approach with officials of I&B ministry. The message has already percolated into his caste-chutney constituency dominated by Jats and Bagda Brahmins, encircling capital Jaipur. Except of Modi wave, nothing can explain Rajyavardhan winning Jaipur Rural constituency. Narendra Modi will have to make enormous effort again to make voters come out and support Rajyavardhan Singh, whom Modi’s team wanted to project as youth icon.

PP Chaudhary, a senior advocate and learned man, belongs to Sirvi community. Chaudhary also managed to win a seat dominated by Jats riding on the Modi wave only. Even giving a LS ticket to him again is going to be a mistake on part of BJP, let alone how he will be rated as a MoS.

Fate of CR Chaudhary will also affect politics in Rajasthan. CR Chaudhary is known for his proximity to Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. But holding Nagaur is going to be difficult for him as Nagaur is vortex of politics of Rajasthan and sand of Nagaur like to be represented by players and not by pawns.
CR Chaudhary
Again, Modi wave was a biggest factor that CR Chaudhary managed to defeat Jyoti Mirdha- ‘Baba ri Poti – Granddaughter of the patriarch’ for the locals. With becoming a minister in Modi government, CR Chaudhary has perhaps reached culmination of his political achievements and only way forward is going down from here on. Interestingly, defeat of CR Chaudhary in 2019 is not only going to throw muck on face of Narendra Modi but Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje will also share part of it.

Vijay Goyal is expected to concentrate on politics of Delhi if Aam Aadmi Party at all gives them elbow space. Only saving grace can be new MoS Finance Arjun Meghwal. But Meghwal winning Bikaner seat again will depend on his good relations in Congress and if Vasundhara Raje’s B-Team does not sabotage him.

Thus, Modi now faces not only challenges but setback in Rajasthan in future and communication gap between Modi and Chief Minister Raje is going to make going tough for BJP.
But Narendra Modi cannot do much about it, as Queen is here to stay and TINA factor still as strong as ever.

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