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Vasundhara Raje continues to charm Gurjars by Fraud

Vasundhara Raje, the samdhan of gurjars, continues spell charm and seduction to keep them glued. Raje has now promised gurjars that 5 percent reservation in services and education institutions which will be given to them in addition to 21 percent OBC quote. Vasundhara Raje government has promised gurjars to bring a bill in state assembly in monsoon session for this purpose.

Raje’s promise to gurjars may prove to be nothing but a sham as Rajasthan High Court had earlier struck down the 5 percent SBC quota which includes Gurjars and five other castes. Moreover, Narendra Modi government has already initiated a process for creating a national commission for social and educationally backward classes. Though, opposition was able to pass a few amendments in the bill in Rajya Sabha as BJP MPs missed the date with the bill. Now Lok Sabha will have to discuss and pass this bill again before it will be sent to Rajya Sabha.

Vasundhara Raje wants to use this intervening time and is acting smart to introduce a new OBC bill and passing it in an assembly where she has 161 out of 200 MLAs. Passing a bill may provide a temporary solace to her by dissuading gurjars for the time being but this would put her directly in confrontation with policies of Modi government and RSS’s dream of a casteless egalitarian society.

Moreover, introducing such bill when the process of NCBC has already been initialed by union government, it would be a fraud not only with constitution but also with unsuspecting gurjars.

Adding 5 percent quote for gurjars and others in OBC will take the total percentage reservation in Rajasthan to 54 percent. This will attract scrutiny of such reservation by high court as the quote will cross the 49 percent limit capped by the Supreme Court. As it is expected, that if high court again decides to strike down the quota disbursement by Raje government than whole process of OBC reservation will have to be done afresh. It will cause great panic as admission in education institutions and government jobs will fall in disarray till the new process will be completed.

Moreover, Raje government is also hinting towards bifurcation of OBC which will again open a pandora box of caste corundum. One step forward, two step backward strategies may suit Vasundhara Raje who would not like to face opposition from any major social group after it has already experienced wrath of Rajputs in Anandpal fake encounter case. But OBC corundum in Rajasthan will directly affect prospects of Mission-25 of Amit Shah who has already announced an ambitious target of 360 MPs in 2019 general elections.

Rajasthan was the state from where the wind of change started in form of Modi wave which became a political whirlwind. But low pressure areas aggravated by ecological mismanagement in Rajasthan are historically known for puncturing biggest and powerful whirlwinds.

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