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Vasundhara Raje opens Pandora Box of Reservation in Rajasthan

Dushyant Singh and Vishvendra Singh, the scion of erstwhile royal families of Dholpur and Bharatpur now carries OBC status. It seems a ‘Season of Raining Reservations’ in Rajasthan as Vasundhara Raje is following an appease-all policy in the run up to 2018 assembly elections. Celebrations of both Jats in Bharatpur, Dholpur and Vasundhara Raje camp in Jaipur may be short lived as OBC reservation will be scrutinise by court while Raje will face more such demands from Rajputs and Brahmin.

Reservation to Rajputs, a farming community to which rulers of princely states of Rajputana belongs to, has been demanding OBC reservation for long time. With ruling caste of Bharatpur and Dholpur getting pie of OBC reservation, the war cries of Rajputs are going to be shriller in coming days. Moreover, it was a basic rule of OBC reservation that a ruler caste cannot be given the OBC status. In 1999, when Jat community in Rajasthan was given OBC status, the Jats from Bharatpur and Dholpur were excluded as they formed ruler caste in these areas. Vasundhara Raje in her last regime also tried to include Jats from Bharatpur and Dholpur in OBC but the move was struck down by Supreme Court.

Rajput, a loyal vote bank of BJP, will now all set to up the ante demanding OBC reservation and will become a new problem for Vasundhara Raje to solve. Moreover, Raje will also have to grapple with problem of EBC reservation she had promised to Brahmin, Bania and other upper castes. The EBC bill passed by Rajasthan assembly in 2015 is yet to be implemented and now pressure is going to be on Vasundhara Raje to keep the traditional vote bank of BJP consisting of Rajput, Bania and Brahmin in good humor.

However, all the Jats in Rajasthan are now happy with reservation corundum created by Vasundhara Raje. Rajaram Meel of Rajasthan Jat Mahasabha accused BJP of implementing agenda of RSS by diluting all kinds of reservation. Jats in Rajasthan are worried that a close scrutiny of OBC status by court in coming time may deprive them from benefits they have been cornering since 1999.

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