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Vasundhara Raje search for suitable boy in Ajmer

Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is hunting for suitable boy. Not one but two, both for Ajmer and Alwar parliamentary constituencies, where seats have fallen vacant due to death of incumbents. Raje is also looking for a suitable match to be fielded as BJP candidate at Mandal assembly constituency which fell vacant after death of affable Kirti Kumari. In the semi-finals, Vasundhara Raje is facing severe crunch of people who are both, loyal and ‘layak’- capable.

Sachin Pilot a prospective CM face of Congress in next assembly elections, as his supporters claim, is facing a Hobson’s choice in Ajmer. Pilot has been untested on ground and now he faces a fight in his own backyard. Challenge before Sachin Pilot is to show that he can lead the state congress against formidable opponents, particularly when prestige of Vasundhara Raje is at stake. Presence of Sachin Pilot in fray makes the search for candidate for Ajmer parliamentary constituency for BJP, more frantic.

BJP is facing tough task to find a winning candidate for Ajmer Parliamentary Seat, one who can defeat Sachin Pilot. Vasundhara Raje’s is personally favoring a Jat candidate, preferably from family of deceased Sanwarlal Jat, but the sympathy wave she wanted to ride on, does not exist on the ground. With Rawats holding key to success and Rajput community falling away from BJP, a Jat candidate may not be a good prospect for the ruling party. Test for Vasundhara Raje is that Jat community votes for whoever she fields in Ajmer by-election. This will test the claim of Vasundhara Raje that she enjoys unbridled support of Jats across Rajasthan.

Though, Sachin Pilot is yet to announce his candidature but he is continuously working under the veil to woo Rajput and Rawat voters in Ajmer. Both these communities are definitely going to favor Sachin Pilot if BJP choose to field a Jat candidate, be it – Sanwarlal Jat’s wife, son or wily Ramchandra Chaudhary. Vasundhara Raje – the self-proclaimed Jat queen, now faces challenge to take all communities along for BJP.

The double whammy for Vasundhara Raje is that if she unabashedly favors a Jat candidate than she loses the traditional BJP vote bank of Rawat and Rajputs; while she will have to exert herself to keep Jat in BJP fold, if party choses to field a non-jat candidate.

The feedback of RSS also does not favor a Jat candidate in Ajmer by-polls. In a fray where prestige of Vasundhara Raje is at stake, Rasa Singh Rawat may prove to be dark horse for BJP. Five times former MP from Ajmer is a non-controversial face and if given a chance, may get ready to fight his last election. Raje may put her weight behind Rasa Singh Rawat to keep the Ajmer seat warm till 2019 general elections.

Rawat and Rajputs are culturally connected and do not have any animosity among them. Rasa Singh Rawat also has a rapport with both voters of Ajmer city and rural areas. Though, not a young face like Sachin Pilot, but this old school BJP worker, seems the only one who can give Sachin Pilot run for his money. Anyone in BJP, listening?

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