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Enjoy Machine made ANAR this Diwali, CITD got patent for automated ANAR machine

New Delhi – The MSME Tool Room, Hyderabad of Central Institute of Tool Design (CITD) has obtained a patent for the invention entitled “AUTOMATIC MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ANAR  – CONICAL SHAPED FIREWORKS” for 20 years starting from November2015.

Central Institute of Tool Design signed an MOU with Standard Fireworks Pvt Limited Sivakasi and finalized orders worth Rs 11.49 crore for machines for automation processes for various firework projects. SFPL initially had placed an order worth Rs300 lakh for filling up of flower pots and packing, chakkar filling and chakkar winding. 

As a first project, CITD has taken up for Module-1, consisting of ANAR – flower pot chemical filling and packing. The total project consists of 10 different stations like paper cutting & pasting, chemical filling, washer insertion and ramming, mud filling and sealing etc.

The aim of project is to automate the entire above process for relieving human fatigue and to save human from hazardous environment in ANAR making. The entire process is minimal human intervention. Hence, it is safe for humans to handle the machine in Fireworks Industry.

This is the first of its kind with fully indigenous technology. CITD and SFPL had filed a joint patent application for this innovation. The uniqueness of ANAR machine is that it completely works on pneumatic system for entire process of manufacturing. There is no electrical or electronics system used in process. Therefore, this can avoid most of the fire accidents in field of fireworks industries. Trials were conducted by customer with original chemical in flowerpots and attaining the target production cones of 120 pieces per minute.

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