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Domestic Cooking Gas Cylinder prices increased again

Jaipur – Petroleum companies has increased the price of domestic cooking gas again. This time the increase in domestic cooking gas is another Rs 25. The 14.2 Kg domestic cooking gas cylinder would now be available for Rs 888.50 instead of Rs 863.50.

The subsidy on domestic cooking gas is now nil.

Oil companies in their monthly review meeting have also increased the prices of commercial gas cylinder. The commercial gas cylinder price has been increased by Rs 75 wef September 1, 2021. The commercial gas cylinder in Jaipur would be available for Rs 1715 instead of Rs 1640.

Though, some relief has been given to the common man in terms of prices of Petrol and Diesel. The price of Diesel and Petrol has been reduced by 15 paisa per liter on September 1. The Diesel rate in Jaipur on September 1 stands at Rs 97.99 per liter while Petrol rate is Rs 108.35. The speed brand of Petrol would be available at Rs 111.41 per liter.

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