Jaipur hosted Smart City Expo India 2018 at JECC

The 3-day ‘Smart City Expo India 2018’ concluded  at JECC, Sitapura with numerous smart solutions which would pave the way forward for building more livable

Rahul Gandhi pushing Tuqhlaq Style ‘Leather Coin’ in Rajasthan

Congress is being run from Tughlaq Lane and impact of it being seen by all and sundry. Rahul Gandhi wanted to convert Congress, a mass


सचिन पायलट – राजस्थान में डूबती भाजपा के तारणहार

राजस्थान में भारतीय जनता पार्टी के नेताओं की बांछे खिली हुई है। जब से राहुल गांधी ने धौलपुर से लेकर बीकानेर तक की यात्रा में

Arjun Meghwal: Luck may not kiss this son of Kismidesar again

MP Poonia, a Jat, at the helm of Government Engineering College in Bikaner (2005-07) kept his surname Poonia and gave away ‘MP’ in his name